Songs in the Classroom: A YouTube Channel for Every Subject
posted by: Melissa | May 09, 2017, 05:36 PM   

Everyone knows the feeling of getting a song stuck in your head. There’s just something about the right mix of lyrics and melody that stays with us, which is why research shows that using songs in the classroom can be such a powerful pedagogical tool. Studies have shown benefits in using music to help teach reading and promote spatial reasoning. There have also been numerous studies that have tied the use of music to an increased ability to recall facts and/or text.

With all of this evidence for the power of music, it makes sense to introduce songs and singing into the classroom. This is helped by the power of YouTube where creative educators from across the globe have been able to pair the power of music with strong visual images to strengthen learning and recall. It would be impossible to list all the wonderful musical YouTube channels out there. We do hope, though, that we can show there is a musical YouTube channel for every subject.

Obviously, this is just the beginning of the wide variety of musical content on YouTube. Most subjects have far more than just one channel out there, and different channels will be appropriate for different students. There are also many channels and individual users that upload just a song or two, making it very easy for teachers to find appropriate music videos for their classrooms.

Do you have any go-to YouTube music videos?

Share below!

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