Forbes Just Released Their 30 Under 30 in Education for 2018
posted by: Melissa | November 16, 2017, 06:46 PM   

Each year, Forbes picks the 30 most influential 20-somethings in each field to highlight. The result is an interesting picture of the current and future trends in that field. Obviously, the magazine has a business bias and favors individuals who have started their own company, but the education list spans the field and includes everything from rappers who speak out on social issues to college mentorship programs. It also features several former teachers and includes products and companies that are aimed at K-12 students and their teachers.

Below are some of the people on the list along with what they’re doing:

Fatema Basrai, 27: After leaving the classroom, Fatema founded LSAISD, a free San Antonio leadership development program. The program helps people who want to advocate for public education to serve on school boards, captain non-profits, and undertake ventures to strengthen education in their area.

Elyse Burden, 28: Elyse is the cofounder of Real World Scholars, a non-profit e-commerce platform aimed at K-12 students. The platform allows a class to run a business right from their classroom. Starting with ten classes in 2015, it has since grown to over 250 classes in over 34 states.

Xiaohoa Michelle Ching, 27: Michelle considered literacy the crucial struggle of her time in the classroom and founded Literator to help. Literator allows teachers to record and analyze data about their students’ reading performance, which can then be used to provide additional support for learners and their teachers.

Katie Fang, 26: Katie Fang is the founder and CEO of SchooLinks, a college and career readiness platform. The platform features a curriculum that uses self-discovery to engage students in the process of career education and college planning. Using data on the students in the program, it is able to provide personalized college recommendations and career engagement.

Nick Garvin, 25: Nick Garvin is the founder of StackUp, a browser plug-in that allows educators to create reading assignments and track student progress using a content library of materials that include National Geographic, Time, and The New York Times. Students can focus on areas of interest, compete in challenges, and earn badges.

Jesse Vaughan, 28: Jesse is the cofounder of Landed, a startup that helps educators purchase homes near the community they serve. While retaining great teachers is crucial to increasing educational outcomes, swiftly rising housing costs have made it difficult for teachers who want to start a family to stay in some areas. Landed seeks to provide an innovative alternative to traditional home financing which is available exclusively for educators.

You can see the entire list, along with the other 30 Under 30 lists, over at

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