How Teachers Spend the Holiday Season
posted by: Melissa | December 12, 2017, 07:51 PM   

It's that wonderfully chaotic time of the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas when the weeks are short, the days are rushed, and every evening seems filled with another activity. For teachers, this means plays, concerts, field trips, and dealing with students who are less focused than they are the rest of year. The scant amount of time between these two lengthy breaks makes it hard to fit in an entire unit or project, which means that teachers have to get creative with how they spend their class time.

So how are teachers spending the time leading up to holiday break? This is what we found on Twitter:

@MsPerez_Poeland is having her students create Outsider-themed Starbucks Cups.

@rondorland is organizing teachers and students to share about their Christmas experiences.

@MolnarTony reviews past learning with Kahoot.

@sarahplumitallo turned a Christmas tree into math problems.

@MitchChampagne gives his students a checklist to complete before they leave for break.

@mrznabi is thinking about how to turn his students into innovators.

@bmontycds used a padlet to let students share their break experiences!

How are you spending the next couple of weeks?

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