Union Spending Alarming to Rank and File?
posted by: Alana | November 16, 2016, 04:43 PM   
Here are 7 more head turning details about these unions’ involvement in the 2016 elections:


1. For the first time ever, these two teachers' unions joined forces with the highly partisan AFL-CIO and the American Council of State, County and Union Employees to create a super-PAC that spent an additional $32 million on top of the $32.2 million they already spent outright. That's over $74 million in funding that went to support


2. Together, these unions recruited and organized over 160,000 boots on the ground to call constituents and make rubber hit the pavement through mass canvassing initiatives.


3. The NEA and AFT secured their spots as the 10th and 28th largest spenders in campaign contributions out of more than 18 THOUSAND other super-PACs across the country.


4. They poured nearly a million dollars into presidential-campaign ads in swing states Florida and Ohio alone.


5. According to FEC filings, they spent a record $28 million to push their state-level preferences in everything from ballot initiatives to legislative races.


6. With the help of over $16 million collected directly out of member pockets, these unions managed to help defeat two well-funded ballot measure campaigns in Georgia and Massachusetts.


7. As a result of implementing a mandatory $20 annual membership fee to its 3 million members, the NEA alone stockpiled $82 million dollars in funding for the sole purpose of defeating ballot initiatives starting day one of campaign season - despite those initiatives having even been in existence yet!


This isn't the first time teacher union spending has come under fire, it's not the first time that their partisan agenda has been called into question, and it's unlikely that it will be the last.


This spending is a prime example of why union membership continues to be in decline while AAE membership continues to boom!


Teachers deserve to have an alternative to union membership when their voices are not being represented or their money well spent. That's what makes AAE the professional choice.


As an association that provides educators with a true voice in education, AAE will never spend a single penny of member dues to endorse political candidates or tell members how to vote.


We hope you'll take this opportunity to let your colleagues know about AAE as an alternative to the high dues and partisan politics of NEA affiliates. It's critical that your fellow teachers know about their options so as to make informed choices about their association membership.


If you or someone you know are interested in joining an educators association with professional benefits for just $16.50 per month or $198 per year, visit aaeteachers.org/membership to learn more.


Do you think political spending is a good use of member dues?

Tell us in the comments below!


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written by David M. Rosenow, April 30, 2018

I am literally amazed to see the contribution by American council to the two teachers union “AFL-CIO”. But really they are doing a well for their country best essay writers share good stuff. Because their thought is to maintain the development of America and so hats off to their unusual thought.

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