Welcome to the New ASTA Website
posted by: Colin | August 09, 2010, 03:46 PM   


If this is your first visit to astapro.org, be sure to bookmark us now (or press ctrl+D).

The new ASTA website includes some useful and fun new features, as well as all of the great material you are used to finding on the old ASTA website.

New Features

ShareThis Button | Printing and PDFing | Introducing the ASTA Blog
Social Networking | Improved Navigation

ShareThis Button

On nearly every page of this website—and on each and every blog entry—you’ll find a ShareThis button (often on the top right hand side of the page):



Click on the button to instantly share that specific page or blog entry with friends on Facebook, Twitter, by email, or on dozens of others social networking and bookmarking websites. It can't be any easier, especially for those who sign into their ShareThis account (find out more about ShareThis)

Printing and PDFing

In conjunction with the ShareThis button (above) we want to make it even easier to share our great resources with your colleagues. So you’ll find, often next to the ShareThis button, a quick print button:



Popular pages, such as the Code of Ethics for Educators, have been specially formatted to print as a colorful PDF file, for attractive and easy printing—ideal for hanging on a bulletin board or office door. On those pages the print button is replaced with a PDF button:



Introducing the ASTA Blog

The most noticeable new feature of the ASTA online experience is the new ASTA Blog. Bookmark astapro.org/blog today and check regularly for new postings.

feed-image.gif Or, subscribe via our RSS feed.

The most recent blog posts will be listed on the right column of nearly every page of the website, under this heading:

Recent Blog Posts

Head over to the ASTA blog home page now and start reading. On each blog entry you can post your feedback, pose a question, or respond to others comments. Check back regularly.

Social Networking

ASTA and ASTA members have established a growing presence on the major social networking websites, and continue to expand. The ASTA Blog features a module on the right column that recounts the most recent posts on the twitter feed of ASTA's national partner, the Association of American Educators.

Become a fan of ASTApro on Facebook
Follow ASTA's national partner, AAE (AAEteachers), on Twitter
Subscribe to ASTA's national partner, AAE (AAEteachers) on YouTube

Improved Navigation

Along with the main menu along the left side of the screen, most pages feature "smart navigation" on the right side of the page, highlighting related web pages that may be of interest to the visitor. You can find the module under this heading:

Related Articles

Also, some pages feature relevant navigation links at the bottom, directing a visitor to an archive page or back to the previous page.

Bookmark astapro.org now and check back regularly.

Post and questions or comments below and enjoy the new website.

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